Sheepskin Baby Mittens and Booties - Gift Package

Sheepskin Baby Mittens and Booties - Gift Package


La Pampa Polo's irresistible baby booties and mittens are now available in the perfect set to gift to little ones this Christmas.

Hand-made with a wonderfully soft sheepskin wool lining and beautifully soft suede outer. 

A convenient Velcro tab makes the booties easy to put on and remain secure. The mitts are attached with a convenient string to ensure they are always kept together. Length is 14cm, 10.5cm if the sleeve is folded.

The baby booties come in two sizes: Simply measure the length of baby's feet in centimetres to decide which size booties will be the perfect fit. 

Small 0 – 6 months, 8.1 centimetres [length of base/sole]

Medium 6– 12 months, 9.9 centimetres [length of base/sole]

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