Guide to choosing the best polo equipment

With our reputation for high-quality polo equipment, we would like to share with you our best tips on how to choose the right pieces for you and your pony.

Our passion for polo is how our story begins. On the famous polo fields of La Pampa, we were first inspired by the rich heritage of skilled horsemanship and traditional South American leatherwork. To discover more about the adventure that led us here, read our story.

For the polo player

  • Pure cotton clothes

For newcomers and professional players alike, comfort is key when choosing the best clothes for polo.

Cotton is a wonderfully comfortable and practical fabric. Our traditional quality Argentine bombachas are 100% cotton, designed to keep the wearer cool even when worn under the hot sun.

  • Design matters

The strength of the seam makes a huge difference on how comfortable and durable your trousers will be. Having an over-edged ankle hem will help you to avoid uncomfortable pressure points when you fold the trousers into socks to wear with your polo boots. Having double belt loops on the back of the trousers will give you additional strength when playing. The La Pampa Polo polo whites have a specialised low front rise to give you comfort, whilst the high rise back provides cover for riding.

Argentine Bombachas
Polo Boots
Polo Whites
  • Choosing the perfect mallet

The key difference between standard and premium sticks is their balance, and this comes down to the quality of the cane. Only 2% of all canes are suitable for our premium stick. The better the cane, the lower the flexibility in the upper part of the stick. This flexibility is driven by the number of knots at the handle end of the cane. Generally speaking, the more knots a stick has, the more stability is provided.

  • Find the perfect balance

You can choose the weight and size you would like for your mallet. Selecting from these options is a matter of your own personal preference. As your game improves, you may wish to invest in a better stick. If you are a younger player, you might consider increasing the weight and length in line with your growing height. Children's foot mallets are available here. Personalisation service is also available - handpainted letters on the head of the mallet.

Premium Polo Mallet
Children's Foot Mallet
  • Safety first

A pair of polo knee pads and a pair of polo boots are essential to all polo players. A pair of good quality polo boots will protect you and help you perform better when it comes to matches. Our boots, hand-crafted from the finest leather achieve the best protection and durability, without compromising on beauty.

2 Strap Kneepads
Anti-mist Safety Goggles
  • Use a polo ball that fits the season

For the best practice sessions, you'll need polo balls that are more durable than the match balls. La Pampa Polo's hand stitched arena ball is the ball of choice for arena polo clubs.

If you want to play polo in the snow, pick up a specially made snow polo ball in crimson red, which offers the best visibility even in the bright snow. These snow polo balls are larger, lighter and slower than the standard match polo ball, and are well suited to these particular conditions.

Snow Polo Ball
polo-equipment-orange-arena-ball copy.jpg
Arena Ball
Crimson Red Polo Ball