polo families - the children taking up polo

polo families - the children taking up polo

What age do Argentinians from polo families start their adventure?

In Argentina, those from polo families learn to ride a horse at a very young age and start to learn polo as a small child. They gain a passion which never leaves them and those who were once young polo players will someday teach their own children in turn. Argentina is known for being the number one polo location in the world, and the sport is a special part of the national identity. It is a skill that is passed down from father to son, and something that families share together, creating a lifetime of memories on the polo fields.

Children from polo families are brought up into the world of polo, and this is the life that they know. It is the dream of many young polo players to one day become professionals, just like their fathers and grandfathers before them. The hard work and dedication that goes into training and learning is what gives polo such a great future. It is a passion that is passed down, and young players put everything into the game.

Polo tournaments

Tournaments in this hub of the polo world are a great part of the prestige of this revered game. To aspiring young players, the tournaments are inspirational. Palermo is dubbed 'the cathedral of polo', and when the Triple Crown Final comes around, the stands are full and thousands turn out to spectate. These are special events that families share together. For junior tournaments, parents come out to support their children and can remember the days when they themselves competed.

Why Argentina?

You may wonder why Argentina became the most famous destination for polo in the world. It is a combination of strong family tradition, perfectly suited land and canny breeding of the native horses for the ‘sport of kings’. There is nowhere else in the world that possesses such a widespread passion for polo. Here, in the heart of South America, young polo players are inspired by their fathers and grandfathers to train hard and aspire to be like their sporting heroes. The prestige of the polo life and the continued passion for the game is what ensures its unwavering success.

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La Pampa, where pampeano has its roots, is known for its vast plains and stunning ranches, which provide the ideal spaces for polo and horse rearing. This expansive grazing land lends itself to year-round opportunities for training and enjoying the thrilling sport. Here, amongst the experts in equestrian care, strong working horses and crossbred with thoroughbreds so that the polo ponies can have the perfect mix of power, an easy nature and the unrivalled speed of the thoroughbred. Each of the heads of the polo families dream of having their own breed compete in the prestigious tournaments.

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Polo life and the gauchos
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There is a strong connection and a shared history between the polo players and the gauchos of Argentina. Just like generations of polo players, gauchos work with horses all their life, right from young childhood. For these Argentinian families, working with horses and understanding the rugged terrain of the pampas is absolutely second nature; a passion that connects sons to their fathers and new traditions with the old.

How do polo and craftsmanship come together?

Polo and craftsmanship have been related ever since the sport began. This family tradition of taking part in polo is inextricably linked to a family tradition of fine craftsmanship and leatherwork. The time spent with the horses in rearing and training gives a unique advantage to families who learn exactly what is needed to craft the perfect equestrian equipment, made with the same passion as they put into the game. Thus, polo families routinely pass down their knowledge and skills to the next generation.

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Our strong connection to La Pampa and our roots in this family sport inspired us to create polo belts with the youngest in mind. Our hand-stitched, buttery soft belts in vibrant shades of pampa diamonds pay homage to the young polo players who put their all into the sport, continuing the great tradition of polo and preserving it for their own families to come.

Head to our children's polo belt section for four very special pieces, in our skinny size with a 70cm length, perfect for kids. These are made with just the same meticulous craftsmanship that goes into our regular belts, using skills and techniques passed down through generations of Argentinians, who employ saddlery threads and buttery soft leather to create belts inspired by the gauchos, adorned with colourful pampa diamonds that recall the mystical, geometric shapes of the local Andes Mountains.

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