Polo Equipment: Your Essential List


Polo, also known as the sport of kings, is a pastime that demands kit to match. A polo player’s equipment is very important not only for safety, comfort and performance, but also to demonstrate the right attitude to playing the game.

To help you achieve this at La Pampa Polo we’ve put together a comprehensive polo equipment list for you, to make sure that when you play your equipment (or lack of it) won’t let you down.

Polo helmets and faceguards

Polo was once a form of training for cavalry - a mentality it’s easy to understand when you dress for a polo match today, with its own special protective equipment. Most important in this regard is the helmet to insure the player against any glancing blows from the polo ball, stray mallets and other potential hazards of the sport. When choosing a helmet it is always best to choose a product which has been approved by NOSCAE (the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment).

Polo knee pads and gloves

The best modern polo wear is designed not just for protection, but also comfort and challenging conditions. Good quality gloves can offer extra grip in slippery conditions and low temperatures, meaning a good pair can be the difference between success and failure in the key moments of a match.

Knee pads are also an essential part of the kit, with a player’s legs very exposed to the rigours of the match in the saddle. Different players may favour different variations of polo knee pads, including either two or three straps (the third helping to further secure the pad if necessary).

Polo boots and regulation spurs

For the same reasons that knee pads are essential to a polo players safety during a match, top quality riding boots are a must. Ideally these made-for-polo boots should be thick, high quality leather, with a good sole and ankle support.

Pair solid boots with some reliable spurs, as without a strong, preferably stainless steel pair, any issues with this will affect the players balance, and even safety, during the game.

Polo mallets and sticks

At the business end of your polo game, the polo mallet and stick needs the right specification for you. The weight of the mallets and the length of the stick are both customisable to ensure this instrument suits the height of the pony, as well as your playing style.

Polo balls

Different playing conditions can require different polo balls, so it’s best to consider which best suits your circumstances. Aside from a standard polo ball, arena balls are available for matches in which a softer ball may be preferable due to the proximity of spectators. In situations where weather conditions limit visibility, red balls can ensure a match goes ahead. 

Polo pony equipment

In a game as intense as Polo, it’s important to be as comfortable in the saddle as possible to ensure you can direct your attention towards the game as needed. Similarly, you need to look after your mount with the following polo pony equipment:

Other polo kit and equipment

  1. Polo whip - preferably with a good solid leather grip
  1. Polo bags - with an extensive and important kit list, it’s best to have bags for the sports kit, sticks, boots and polo saddle.
  1. Umpire polo equipment - the game’s umpire will require a polo ball carrier and umpire shirt 

To play a good game of polo you need the kit that befits this spectacular but demanding sport. For top quality equipment, take a look at our online Polo shop for items picked by experienced players according to their rigorous standards. Play the game with the right kit from our polo equipment list and you’ll be more than fit to compete in any game of this sport of kings.